About Me

My name is Austin Marie Yoder and I grew up in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. I am part of the Kiowa tribe and strive to stay active in my Native American community. My parents are John and Melinda Yoder. We moved to Allen, Texas in 1998. I went to Allen High School and was part of the IB program there, which was an advanced placement group. I also ran cross country my 9th and 12th grade years.

            In high school, I was in a broadcasting program and really enjoyed it, particularly the sports part. I got to film football games and many other sporting events. I’ve always had a passion for sports and came to Oklahoma State University to study Sports Media. After a year of classes, I still enjoyed it, but also decided that I would be interested in studying Physical Education. I thought of this while thinking of summer plans. I’ve always volunteered to help out with a vacation Bible school at my church and always enjoyed helping children with activities. I’ve always known I worked well with children and have always enjoyed being active. I thought physical education would be a great place for me to be.

Although I thoroughly enjoyed my classes, after my Junior year, I landed an internship in Dallas with the company Moroch. There, I worked on a communications team and helped with many projects and got to learn the innerworkings of a full service advertising agency. I loved my experience there and came back the following winter holiday. The following sememster, I put off student teaching and graduating and took some strategic communications classes at OSU to further my knowledge. Now I am interning at Moroch again, in the same department. I have been given more responsibility and am enjoying my opportunity to learn even more. I now beleive I would like to pursue a career in advertising and would like to look into communications, account service and possibly consumer insights and planning.