Noble, Ex-Marine Finds New Purpose in College Football

When is it time to stop challenging yourself? For Nathan Noble, a 29 year old ex-marine, those days aren’t in sight. He has lived an accomplished life and now, he tries something new, and succeeds. Noble gets to walk on to Wyoming’s College Football team as the kicker. He has made a name for himself and is more than ready to be somebody that people depend on again, he is ready for this challenge.

I love stories like this, stories of inspiration, of people who take chances and succeed. I don’t think there is a need to ever stop challenging yourself, however routine or comfortable your life gets. Whether it be in health, academics, fitness, cooking, there’s always something more to learn or try out there. My next Challenge? Kickboxing twice a week.

The other reason I loved this story, the main reason, was that it reminds me of my favorite quarterback: Brandon Weeden. He too, was a little bit older and had experienced more than your average college student, being that he used to play professional baseball. Weeden came back to Oklahoma State to play football, ignored all the comments people made about his age, and rocked it. Now he plays for the Cleveland Browns, and new coach, Rob Chudzinski says it may be “premature” to call Weeden the starter in 2013 after his not so perfect rookie season. Bad call, Rob. You’re asking for a miracle to turn your team around, but you need Weeden to get there.

Brandon Weeden Photo by Erik Drost/Flickr

Brandon Weeden Photo by Erik Drost/Flickr

One thought on “Noble, Ex-Marine Finds New Purpose in College Football

  1. It’s awesome that you compared him to Weeden (not just because we go to OSU). It’s an almost similar situation and it shows that anyone can achieve their dream no matter what age.

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