Baseball is back, And I’m thrilled!

I believe that baseball in Oklahoma is a little under-rated. Can you blame them, though? They don’t have a team like the Rangers to cheer for. It wasn’t until recently that Oklahoma got themselves a professional basketball team, and the Thunder’s popularity I would say is almost unrivaled. So, if you will, pick a baseball team and get ready for another season of “America’s favorite pastime” that’s sure to excite.

We aren’t quite as fortunate as the people of New York City, who had both of their teams playing at home yesterday for the first time since 1956. I can’t even begin to imagine the excitement, everyone boarding the subway to head to Queens or to Brooklyn to watch the opening day games. I could have hoped to see a more impressive game played by the Yankees, but the Mets did not disappoint.

If it weren’t for the rain tonight, I hope you would be cheering for the Cowboy Baseball team in a non-conference Bedlam game, too.

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