No Man’s Land Is Where I Stand

An Article about where Oklahoma actually is, piqued my interest recently. So many believe Oklahoma is in the south… Others, the southwest… Even more believe it is part of the midwest. For the most part, I don’t think it is any of these exactly, but a mixture and different in it’s own way.

For the longest time, Oklahoma was considered No Man’s Land, which I believe was a misnomer, considering this is where a huge population of Native Americans lived. Being Native American myself, I have a different kind of pride being from Oklahoma because we have a different history. It is a history that keeps us separate from the deep South, unlike some of our accents. Our history separates us from all of the states, rich with Native American culture.

3 thoughts on “No Man’s Land Is Where I Stand

  1. which tribe ? as far as I have researched most tribes were to the northeast toward the Tulsa areas , others were brought here and yet feather research tells me their were no tribes in the areas of far west Oklahoma , it was considered no mans land. I have found no towns or settlements before the 1700 , so I’m at a stand still when the first towns and settlements appeared in this area ?? we have a old cemetery here that dates go back or births to the 1800 , but until then I have found nothing , so perhaps you can enlighten me .

    • I understand , as I was doing research and that’s what I was looking for all native American tribes originated somewhere else . as for the Kiowa they were known as hunter gathers and they did not live in a area to long as they moved from place to place . archaeologically recorded that the Kiowa originated in the Kootenay Region of British Columbia, Canada .

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